Ghosts at School Episodes in Hindi

Grade school students fight against supernatural forces.

IMDB Ratings: 8.2/10
Language: Hindi
Networks: Sonic Nickelodeon (India)

Ghost Stories (学校の怪談 Gakkō no Kaidan?, lit. "School Ghost Stories"), also known as Ghosts at School, is a 20-episode anime series created in 2000 by animation studio Pierrot and Aniplex for Fuji Television, based on a book series by Tōru Tsunemitsu.

Storyline: Ghost Stories tells the tale of Satsuki Miyanoshita, who moves with her family to the hometown of her deceased mother. On her first day of school, Satsuki; her brother Keiichirou, a first-grader; their neighbor Hajime Aoyama; Momoko Koigakubo, an older schoolmate; and Leo Kakinoki, a classmate and friend of Hajime's with a penchant for the paranormal visit the abandoned school building adjacent the current school complex and discover that the building is haunted.
It is soon after revealed that Satsuki's mother was responsible for sealing several ghosts who haunted not only the school but also the town, and now they are released due to the urbanization taking place in the surrounding area. Satsuki's mother left behind a book detailing how to exorcise the ghosts once and for all. In her first confronation, Satsuki faces a demon called Amanojaku, but in the process Amanojaku is sealed within Satsuki's pet cat, Kaya. Although Amanojaku does not want to help Satsuki at first, the danger soon threatens to envelop the town and it is left up to Satsuki, her friends and Amanojaku to stop the ghosts. At last, with the help of Amanojaku, the friends finally are able to exorcise the ghosts.

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Episode 1: Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Amanojaku
Siblings Satsuki Miyanoshita and Keiichirō Miyanoshita move with their father Reiichirō Miyanoshita to their deceased mother Kayako's hometown. When their pet cat, Kaya, whom Keiichirō had taken to school hidden in his backpack, jumps out and runs into the old "haunted" school building, they decide to go in after him. There they meet Hajime Aoyama, Leo Kakinoki, and Momoko Koigakubo, and after running from several ghosts they meet Amanojaku. Amanojaku, a demon who feeds on children's fears, and as they become more scared, he grows larger and stronger. While trying to get away from Amonajaku, Satsuki finds an old diary which had belonged to her mother with notes on how to seal demons. The children exorcise Amonajaku, however, the camphor tree he should have been trapped inside had been chopped down, leaving him trapped inside Kaya. 

Episode 2: A Hand Reaches Out of the Toilet... Akagami Aogami
The next day in school, the flushes of the new school building's restrooms start malfunctioning, prompting the teachers to instruct the children to use the old school's restrooms. There, a monster, Akagami Aogami, frightens people by asking them if they want red paper or blue paper. Both options represent different terrible ways of death, "red" meaning the victim getting his blood drained out and "blue" meaning suffocation until the victim becomes blue due to asphyxiation. Hajime tries to trick the demon by answering "yellow" and opens a vortex to the spirit world instead. Satsuki seals Akagami Aogami using a jar filled with water and marked with the symbol of a Torii, rescuing Hajime in the process.

Satsuki's class decide to stage a drama. Keita, the student playing the lead role, which sees his character get cursed by a ghost and almost killed, wants to avoid acting in the play. He is afraid because of a story he read about an actor who played a similar role and subsequently died under mysterious circumstances. He wishes for the gymnasium to catch fire so the show will be cancelled, the gym is then struck by lightning and goes on fire. The damage to the gym means the festival is moved to the old school house. He gets injured when a basketball net falls on him and Leo, as hisunderstudy, replaces him. A kitsune-like ghost, Kutabe (くたべ?), which haunts the fourth step of an old stairway near the school is behind the incidents. It has the power to make any statement or wish spoken on that step come true. The stairs are demolished by construction workers allowing Kutabe to appear on stage during the play. When Leo gets on stage and starts performing, the ghost almost overpowers him, but is sealed away by the rest of the group before it harms Leo. 

The old school building is haunted by the ghost of the German composer Ludwig van Beethoven, which plays a piano and curses people through the song Für Elise, stating that they will die if they hear the song four times; he can accomplish this by making his victims hear his song through various objects, even ones that could not normally play music. Satsuki is cursed when she accidentally hears the piece while helping the music teacher move some boxes to the old building. In the end Momoko, being possessed by Kayako, seals him inside ametronome. 

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