Shinchan in Bungle in the Jungle (2011) 720p HD Hindi Dub 400MB

Alternative Title: Shinchan: The Storm Called The Jungle (2000)
Ratings: 6.4/10
Release Date: May 22, 2011 (India)
Genre: Animation | Comedy
Running time: 1h 20m
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HD

Plot: Shinchan and his parents including Shiro (Whitey in the English Version) along with his friends and families go on a cruise to for several days to meet Action Kamen (Action Bastard in the English version)(the one who plays the role of it). But a group of monkeys raid the ship and all the middle aged men and women who boarded the ship above 18 years are taken to an island at night. The movie starts when Lollipop (Action Kamen's mate) was going to be killed by one man who is Action Kamen's rival. But Action Kamen comes and attacks the man, but the man was so omnipotent that Action Kamen fell on the ground unconscious. And Lollipop was being killed by being tied to the rope and releasing her down on the fire below (in fact she was already tied even before Action Kamen came). But unfortunately it becomes a suspense as it shows till that much, which disappoints Shinchan. He was watching that part on TV. And on the TV it also came that if they wanted to watch the whole movie, they have to go on a cruise. So shinchan wanted to ask his mom. This was the first part. The second part is when Shinchan was on ship lying down along with his friends Kazama, Masao, Nene( Neni in the Hindi version) and Bo-Chan (apparently Suzuki) on a Swimming chair whereas their parents are sitting on their respective seats chatting about how did Bo Chan's mother sent him alone on the cruise. Not only that but also Shinchan's father was lying on the seat where Mitsy argues with him for some reason and Harry or Hiroshi grumbles that he has asked for a leave not for arguing. Himavari (Hima in the English version) was with them too. Shinchan says "Everyone might be missing me!" whereas in the Kasukabe city, all the people who knew Shinchan were happy, that Shinchan isn't there. In the evening, all the people were waiting for the helicopter where Action Kamen was coming. When he came, the movie in the ship was starting. Everyone excluding the parents came in the theatre, which was in the ship itself. All the children loved Action Kamen so some of them wanted to sit beside him. When the movie started, they showed the same part which was airing on TV. On the other hand, all the parents were loitering around the ship. Hiroshi and Mitsy were looking at the sea where there was an island. Suddenly Hiroshi spots something. A tribe of monkeys were coming in the ship. And suddenly in the movie theatre, the same part which Shinchan wanted to see expectedly went off again !


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Shinchan in Bungle in the Jungle (2011) 720p HD Hindi Dub 400MB Shinchan in Bungle in the Jungle (2011) 720p HD Hindi Dub 400MB Reviewed by TOON WORLD on 4:09 pm Rating: 5

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