Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1994) Hindi Episodes

Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker develops spider-like superpowers. He uses these to fight crime in New York City while trying to balance it with the struggles of his personal life.

Ratings: 8.3/10
Program creators: Stan Lee, Steve Ditko
Networks: FOX, Fox Kids
Running time: 21 minutes
Original release: November 19, 1994 – January 31, 1998
Source: TNI
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p


Season 01

Episode 01 – Night of the Lizard
Peter’s science teacher, Dr. Curt Connors, transforms himself into the Lizard while attempting an experiment to regenerate his missing limb. Consumed by the animal instincts of the Lizard, Dr. Connors terrorizes the city and becomes a hunted man. When Spider-Man discovers that his teacher is in fact the monster he has been trying to capture, he must find a cure before Dr. Connors’ transformation becomes irreversible.
Episode 02 – The Sting Of The Scorpion
J. Jonah Jameson hires a detective, Mac Gargan, to be transformed into a super hero to fight Spider-Man and names him the Scorpion. But Scorpion turns on his creators after he mutates and attempts to blow up a power plant. Now Spider-Man must clean up the mess that Jameson has created and stop Scorpion before he destroys the city.
Episode 03 – The Spider Slayer
In order to pay off his debt to the crime boss known as the Kingpin, Norman Osborn hires Spencer Smythe to design a powerful robot called the Spider-Slayer to capture and destroy Spider-Man. Spider-Man manages to defeat the machine along with Spencer Smythe in a massive exposion…or did he?
Episode 04 – Return of the Spider Slayers
Alistair Smythe, Spencer Smythe’s son, builds three more Spider-Slayers to destroy Spider-Man and the people he holds responsible for his father’s death.
Episode 05 – The Menace of Mysterio
As part of a personal vendetta a new villain in town, Mysterio, frames Spider-Man in order to tarnish his reputation and attempts to gain the status as the real hero of New York. Now, Spider-Man must foil Mysterio’s plan and expose him for the villain he is!
Episode 06 – Doctor Octopus: Armed and Dangerous
Spider-Man battles the villain known as Doctor Octopus, who has kidnapped Felicia Hardy and J. Jonah Jameson for ransom. Spider-Man discovers that Doctor Octopus has a personal vendetta against Felicia’s mother, Anastasia. Now, Spider-Man must find a way to put an end to the grudge and save two innocent lives.
Episode 07 – The Alien Costume, Part 1
Spider-Man comes across an alien symbiote that attaches itself to him and forms a new black costume. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock accuses Spider-Man of stealing a valuable rock which was really stolen by the Rhino. Now Spider-Man faces a Rs. 10 Lakh bounty for his capture.
Episode 08 – The Alien Costume, Part 2
When Spider-Man discovers that his black costume is a living organism, he decides to use it to get back the Prometheum X. Meanwhile, Eddie Brock’s lies eventually leads to his firing when Jameson realizes that he’s been duped. Spider-Man eventually removes the symbiote after fighting the Shocker, only for it to find a new host, Eddie Brock.
Episode 09 – The Alien Costume, Part 3
Eddie Brock, now bonded with the symbiote costume and calling himself Venom, sets out to destroy Spider-Man. Now faced with a stronger foe that possesses the same abilities as him, Spider-Man must find a way to outwit and outmatch this menacing new villain and send the alien symbiote back to outer space.
Episode 10 – Kraven the Hunter
Spider-Man finds himself caught between Mariah Crawford, a doctor from Africa, and Kraven, a man who has stalked her all the way to America. An accomplished hunter, Kraven gained animal-like abilities when he ingested a cure to save his life, but the side effects are causing his behavior to be erratic and violent. Spider-Man works with Mariah Crawford to find a cure and save an innocent man and the people around him.
Episode 11 – The Hobgoblin, Part 1
Norman Osborn hires the the Hobgoblin to take out Wilson Fisk, but when he fails Osborn fires him. To get revenge on Osborn, Hobgoblin changes sides and kidnaps Norman’s son, Harry, for the Kingpin.

Season 02

Episode 15 – Battle of the Insidious Six
The six supervillains cannot believe their eyes when Spider-Man walks into their trap at the warehouse. Spider-Man attempts to battle the six, but is captured, tied to a chair, and unmasked by the Insidious Six, but he manages to convince them that he is a fraud.
Episode 22 – Blade, the Vampire Hunter
The vampire hunter Blade arrives in New York to destroy Morbius, but Spider-Man wants to revert Morbius back into his human form.
Episode 23 – The Immortal Vampire
Spider-Man and Blade put aside their differences in an attempt to prevent Morbius from using the Neogenic Recombinator to transform everyone into vampires like himself. They team up with Lt. Terri Lee, a detective who falls for Blade. During one attempt to stop Morbius, he kidnaps Aunt May, causing Spider-Man and Blade to have a brief falling out.
Episode 26 – Shriek of the Vulture
When Norman Osborn attempts to take over Toomes Aeronautical. This makes Adrian Toomes furious, using the Tablet of Time tecnology to steal youth from anyone he touches, suits up as the Vulture to destroy Norman Osborn.
Episode 27 – The Final Nightmare
Spider-Man seeks Curt Connors’ aid to help reverse the aging effects of the Vulture’s talons. After absorbing Spider-Man’s youth, and DNA, the Vulture mutates into the Man-Spider. The Scorpion grabs Dr. Farley Stillwell to seek a cure for his own mutation.

Season 03

Episode 28 – Doctor Strange
Mary Jane has joined a cult under the control of Baron Mordo, being led to believe that she has a relationship with her father.
Episode 29 – Make a Wish
In a battle with Dr. Octopus a medical research building is destroyed. Blaming himself, Peter is considering giving up being Spider-Man, when he meets a mystic figure named Madame Web and his biggest fan, a little girl called Taina. Spider-Man shares his origin with her. Dr. Octopus attacks with his new invention the Octobot.
Episode 30 – Attack of the Octobot
Spider-Man thinks that he is evil and unwillingly tries to help Doctor Octopus.
Episode 31 – Enter the Green Goblin
While developing a new gas for the Kingpin to use as a weapon, a mistake triggers an explosion and Norman Osborn disappears in the chaos. A new villain, the Green Goblin appears and kidnaps all of Osborn’s enemies.
Episode 32 – Rocket Racer
Spider-Man finds himself in competition with himself over Felicia. Meanwhile, Jackson Weele leads a gang of thieves armed with jet-pack technology. Weele has developed a large gyro-wheel in which he uses to plunge through the city. Robert Farrell tries to help his ailing mother by using science and the gang’s technology to arm himself as the “Rocket Racer”.
Episode 33 – Framed
Peter Parker is framed by Richard Fisk for selling government secrets to foreign organisations.
Episode 34 – The Man Without Fear
Spider-Man has teamed with the Daredevil aka Matt Murdock, in an attempt to clear Peter Parker’s name from crimes of treason.
Episode 35 – The Ultimate Slayer
Kingpin attempts to kill Spider-Man by turning Smythe into a cyborg and let him do it.
Episode 36 – Tombstone
Tombstone is hired by Alisha Silver to destroy the story planned for the Daily Bugle revealing that she had taken over her father’s criminal organisation, in exchange for large amounts of cash. Tombstone attempts to use Robbie Robertson, whom he was childhood friends with, to kill the story.
Episode 37 – Venom Returns
The symbiote returns to Earth and travels to Ravencroft to reunite with Eddie Brock, who then escapes as Venom. He is ordered by Dormammu, to whom the symbiote owes its earthly return, to steal a machine from Stark Enterprises capable of releasing Dormammu from his own far-off dimension.
Episode 38 – Carnage
When Eddie refuses to continue to work for Dormammu, Carnage is considered sufficient to collect life-force which is essential for Dormammu to enter Earth. Carnage kidnaps Dr. Ashley Kafka, whom Eddie has fallen in love with. Eddie then reluctantly teams with Iron Man and Spider-Man to save her.
Episode 39 – The Spot
Dr. Jonathon Ohnn was a brilliant scientist who created the Time Dilation Accelerator portal-making machine for Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man. But after Iron Man and Spider-Man defeated Venom and Carnage, when they tried to free Dormammu from another dimension with the machine, he shut down the Accelerator. Ohnn quit and was later approached by the Kingpin who funded Ohnn’s research to have him continue the Accelerator project and Ohnn fell in love with his partner, Dr. Silvia Lopez, who wanted to seek greater reward for her efforts. After they completed the machine, Ohnn was accidentally sucked into a portal, where numerous other portals were formed onto him, and he could create and recall the portals. Ohnn called himself the Spot and started stealing money to help fund his project go further.
Episode 40 – Goblin War!
The Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin clash over Dr. Ohn’s Time Dilation Accelerator.
Episode 41 – Turning Point
The Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin clash over Dr. Ohn’s Time Dilation Accelerator.

Season 04

Episode 42 – Guilty
Tombstone, whilst incarcerated in Rooker’s Island, plots revenge on Robbie Robertson as Robbie previously caused his arrest. In exchange for assisting cell-mate Richard Fisk in a few brawls in prison, Richard requests that his father, The Kingpin, frame Robbie as a criminal mastermind.
Episode 43 – The Cat
Doctor Octopus attempts to blackmail Anastasia Hardy into paying him ransom money in order to fund his dangerous experiments, by threatening to reveal that Felicia’s father was the crook known as “The Cat”.
Episode 44 – The Black Cat
The Kingpin blackmails John Hardesky into revealing a secret super-soldier formula by making threats against Felicia. After Hardesky reveals his secrets, Landon is able to recreate and improve the formula for the crime lord. Kingpin uses the serum to transform Felicia into a “black cat”, and forces her to carry out his crimes until he can create more serum.
Episode 45 – The Return of Kraven
Spider-Man teams with the Black Cat in an attempt to confront Kraven the Hunter. After Kraven eludes the two heroes, there are various reports of attacks. Debra Whitman decides to investigate and she, Black Cat, Flash Thompson, and Dr. Curt Connors hunt for clues, and succeed in identifying the DNA as female.
Episode 46 – Partners
Alistair Smythe, currently working as Silvermane’s top scientist, kidnaps the Black Cat. He then bribes Spider-Man into capturing either the Scorpion or the Vulture, whom both have unique DNA samples which are essential for Silvermane if he is to restore adulthood, in exchange for her release.
Episode 47 – The Awakening
Morbius is transformed from his bat form back into the living vampire state that he was before and then flies away.
Episode 48 – The Vampire Queen
Blade’s mother, the Vampire Queen, has come to New York and is hoping to transform everyone into vampires.
Episode 49 – The Return of the Green Goblin
Harry Osborn becomes the New Goblin and visits Oscorp and supplied himself with superhuman powers.
Episode 50 – The Haunting of Mary Jane Watson
After a brief fight with Mysterio, Peter learns that Mary Jane finally got her big break in recreating the movie role made famous by an actress named Miranda Wilson.
Episode 51 – The Lizard King
Peter proposes and Mary Jane accepts, much to Anna Watson’s discomfort. Peter and Mary Jane ask Curt Connors to give Mary Jane away at the wedding, when they are interrupted by three giant lizards who claim the Doc is their father and kidnap him and Mary Jane. They’re taken down to sewer, with Spider-Man in pursuit, and Doc becomes the Lizard again.
Episode 52 – The Prowler
Hobie first appeared working for a crime lord called Iceberg and was feeling he wasn’t earning his fair cut for the work he was doing. When Iceberg found out, he had his boys attempt to kill Hobie. After narrowly escaping that fate, he knew he needed to get out of town. He stole a passer-by’s purse in order to fund his new trip. It turned out to be Mary Jane’s purse when she and Peter Parker are in the process of apartment hunting but was stopped by Spider-Man and Hobie was sent to jail for violating his parole. While in jail, he saves Richard Fisk from an attempt on his life. As payment, the Kingpin arranges for a hot shot lawyer to enable Hobie’s release and gives him a special suit. He used the costume to get back at his old boss Iceberg.

Season 05

Episode 53 – The Wedding
Peter and Mary Jane are getting ready for their wedding, but their plans are interrupted when The Scorpion kidnaps Aunt May. To make matters worse, Harry Osborn shows up as The Green Goblin at the wedding with the intent of marrying Mary Jane before Peter does. With a little help from Black Cat and the Mega-Slayer (controlled by Kingpin), Spidey may just get through his wedding day unscathed!
Episode 54 – Six Forgotten Warriors
Keane Marlow, an old friend of Uncle Ben, reappears in Aunt May’s life and is introduced to Peter Parker. Peter discovers that his parents were involved in international espionage and sets out to investigate at the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Meanwhile, the Kingpin and Herbert Landon hire the Insidious Six to retrieve a mysterious item called the Doomsday Device. The first step of the plan: to break Chameleon out of the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters!
Episode 55 – Unclaimed Legacy
Spider-Man goes head-to-head with the Kingpin and the Insidious Six and is rendered unconscious. With Spider-Man in shackles, Kingpin reveals his plans to use the Doomsday Device but is interrupted when Silver Sable and the Wildpack burst into the scene!
Episode 56 – Secrets of the Six
Peter and Robbie meet Omar Mosley, a former sidekick to the Black Marvel, who recounts the origins of Captain America and the Six American Warriors. Meanwhile, the Kingpin sends the Insidious Six to hunt all the remaining members of the Six America Warriors and take the rings they used to activate their super powers. Learning that the rings will be used to active the Doomsday Device, Spider-Man goes on a mission to intercept the Insidious Six!
Episode 57 – The Six Fight Again
Kingpin and the Insidious Six battle against Spider-Man and the Six Forgotten Warriors for possession of the last ring that will activate the Doomsday Device. With things looking bleak for the heroes, Silver Sable and the Wildpack arrive just in time to witness the release of Captain America and the Red Skull from the vortex they’ve been trapped in for fifty years!
Episode 58 – The Price of Heroism
The Red Skull’s son Rhienholdt Kragov, is transformed into a super villain with the power to control electricity by the Doomsday Device. He names himself Electro and sets off to control all the world’s electricity supply. Realizing the severity of the situation, Spider-Man along with Captain America and the Six Forgotten Warriors team up to contain the powerful new villain!
Episode 59 – The Return of Hydro-Man, Part One
Peter Parker and Mary Jane’s honeymoon at Niagara Falls turns into a harrowing situation when MJ’s ex-boyfriend, Hydro-Man, reappears! Overcome by jealousy, Hydro-Man kidnaps MJ and takes her to a nearby water factory while Spider-Man races to find their location. Luckily, he has the help of an old friend…the Black Cat!
Episode 60 – The Return of Hydro-Man, Part Two
With the emergence of Mary Jane’s hydro powers still a mystery, Spider-Man follows Hydro-Man to an underwater lab and discovers that this Mary Jane is actually a clone!
Episode 61 – Arrival
Madame Web and the Beyonder transport Spider-Man to an alien planet where no evil exists. As a test, the Beyonder introduces evil into the planet and tasks Spider-Man with choosing a team of super-heroes to fight alongside him against the growing evil in the once peaceful planet.
Episode 62 – The Gauntlet Of The Red Skull
Spider-Man, along with Iron Man, Captain America, the Lizard and Storm teleport the Black Cat to the alien planet where she reveals her origin. As the villains grow stronger, Spider-Man and his new allies gather the rebels of the alien planet and prepare for an all out attack against the evil forces plaguing the planet!
Episode 63 – Doom
Spider-Man and his newly formed team of heroes travel to New Latveria and find a civilization ruled by a just and fair Doctor Doom. While there, Doom offers Ben Grimm a device that allows him to switch from his Thing form to his human form and gains his trust. However, Reed is unconvinced and begins an attack against the Latverian ruler but is stopped by Doom’s robots, and is held for treason along with the rest of the heroes. Left with no choice, Spider-Man and the Thing launch a campaign to free their friends only to find that Doom has gained new powers.. the Beyonder’s!
Episode 64 – I Really, Really Hate Clones
Spider-Man is transported into another dimension by the Beyonder where he finds the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin detonating a bomb in the Daily Bugle building. While chasing after the Goblins, Spidey is intercepted and attacked by Spider-Carnage. But before any damage could be done, the Beyonder transports Spider-Man to Madame Web’s base where they reveal that there are five other Spider-Men in different dimensions, all trained to save reality from destruction!
Episode 65 – Farewell, Spider-Man Last Episode Of Spiderman The Animated Series In HINDI!
In the last episode of the series, Spider-Carnage uses the time-dilation accelerator to construct a disintegration dimensional portal which he plans on using to destroy all of reality. To stop him, the Beyonder sends Spider-Man to the Armored Spider-Man reality where he finds his Uncle Ben alive and well. Realizing the impact Uncle Ben had on his own life, he asks Uncle Ben to reason with the Peter Parker in Spider-Carnage. Plus, don’t miss a special cameo from legendary creator Stan Lee!

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