Detective Conan Episodes in Hindi

Ratings: 8.4/10
Genre: Animation | Comedy | Crime
Running time: 25min
Creator: Gôshô Aoyama
Language: Hindi [Hungama TV Dub]
Quality: 480p
Source: TNI

Synopsis: Shinichi Kudo knows the criminal mind like no other detective in the business. He’s bagged more bad guys than anyone on the beat, and his sleuthing skills have earned him deadly enemies. So when a toxic assassination attempt transforms Shinichi into a little kid, he chooses to utilize his new cover – and some cutting edge technology – to track down his assailants as boy detective Conan Edogawa!

Season 01 [Hindi]

While on a date with Ran, Kudo is attacked by two shady thugs who slip him an experimental drug. The effects of the poison will turn Shinichi’s life upside down!

Conan sets out to discover the fate of a wealthy businessman’s kidnapped daughter. His new identity is a secret to everyone but his eccentric inventor friend, Dr. Agasa.

Treasure hunt! When a mysterious coded map ends up in the hands of Conan and his new friends from school, the Junior Detective League is born!

On a cross country train, Conan comes across two sketchy men that might be connected to the night of his big shrink! To make matters worse, the hoods are packing a bomb!

An author scripts the perfect murder of his ex-partner, complete with an airtight alibi. Can Conan see through the holes in his plot, or has this writer penned himself a perfect happy ending?

A star soccer player’s been thrown off his game. A girl claiming to be Shinichi’s girlfriend has surfaced, asking for help in finding a kidnapped boy. Are the events connected?

As Conan’s gang fishes on the riverbank, they witness a most unusual sight. Can they convince Inspector Meguire and Maori of its importance before it’s too late?

When Conan and his pals find themselves locked in a department store, they stumble right into the hands of a vicious ring of burglars. Will anyone come to their rescue?

What began as an enjoyable day for Conan, Kogoro, and Ran, who is being interviewed for a potential job as a fashion model, soon turns toxic. A beautiful young lady has been found dead!

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