Little Krishna Episodes Dual Audio [Hindi-Eng]

Ratings: 7.7/10
Genre: Animation | Family
Release Date: TV Series (2009)
Created By: BIG Animation and India Heritage Foundation
Directed by: Vincent Edwards and Balasubramanian Rajasekaran
Original network: Nickelodeon, ANTV
Running time: 23min
Country of origin: India
Language: Hindi - English
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: While indulging in lot of mischievous activities in his village, Virindavan, Little Krishna, has to save the villagers from the evil king Kansa, who sends ferocious demons upon them.

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Episode 1: Attack of the Serpent King (Kaliyamardhana)
All is well in Vrindavan as Krishna and his friends are busy playing around. But terror strikes in the form of the evil serpent king Kaliya as the water of Yamuna gets poisoned with his deadly venom. But Krishna metamorphosis into his greatest warrior self and prepares to battle the five headed monster. Showcasing breath taking underwater sequences of the epic fight between Krishna and Kaliya, every inhabitant of Vrindavan holds their breath to find the outcome. Krishna dances to his victory on top of Kaliya while playing his enchanting flute announcing his triumph over evil. Vrindavan is saved once again as Krishna emerges as the true savior - the immortal legendary character, the warrior, the prankstar, the darling of Vrindavan.

Episode 2: The Terrible Storm (Govardhana Lila)
Krishna while being the prankstar also grows up as the wise boy showing commanding nature of a true leader. He logically convinces his father, king Nanda and the fellow villagers of Vrindavan to appreciate the blessings of Govardhan hill rather than that of arrogant Indra – the heavenly demigod of rains. What follows is a streak of insecurity and ruthless arrogance from Indra as he swears to show his wrath on Vrindavan. Vrindavan faces near extinction as Indra’s army of cloud, rain and thunder relentlessly pours down. Krishna comes to rescue as the true savior and performs the amazing feat of lifting the entire Govardhan hill on his little finger while saving the people with shelter till Indra gave up his false pride and accepted defeat.

Episode 3: The Horror Cave (Aghasura)
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Kansa is disturbed, as he is not able to find a way to ensure safety of his own life from the impending threat of Little Krishna – our immortal blueboy, the greatest warrior of all times. Kansa summons Aghasura – the giant serpant demon. Aghasura following the orders of his master Kansa, disguises himself as a cave. Krishna and his friends busy with their playfulness finds disguised Aghasura like a mysterious cave and get allured inside. The bunch of boys finds themselves tricked and trapped inside the poisonous belly of Aghasura. Sensing danger, Krishna comes to their rescue and tears open Aghasura’s abdomen in fury.

Episode 4: Enchanted Picnic (Brahma Vimohana Lila)
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In his heavenly abode, lord Brahma is bewildered that who can possibly be this great magician to have killed the mighty Aghasura. To check it out, he himself descends to earth and finds Little Krishna with his friends engaged in their childish pastimes. To test out Krishna’s power, Brahma tricks the boys and transports them to the land of happy dreamland. Krishna in return fools Brahma by multiplying himself in the form of his friends till Brahma realizes the greatness of Krishna and bows in front of him seeking.

Episode 5: Fire and Fury (Pralambasura and the Fire Demon)
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Kansa has summoned not one but two demons, the giant Pralambasura and the scorching Fire demon to get rid of Krishna. Teaming up, the demons proceed in pursuit of Krishna. While Fire demon sets ablaze the Munjavana forest in his chariot of fire trapping Krishna’s friends and their cattle, Pralambasura distracts Balram. But Balram is the greatest wrestler and Pralamba soon understands that facing death. Krishna on the other hand rushes to the rescue of his trapped friends and extinguish the might of Fire Demon by sucking in the demon and all the fire inside him.

Episode 6: Demon in Disguise (Vatsasura and the story of Bakula)
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Kansa worried about his impending fate summoned the calf demon Vatsasura to take care of Krishna-his angel of death. Meanwhile in Vrindavan time was witnessing another unique event. A ferocious tiger had been the point of threat to the domestic animals. Grabbing an opportunity, the tiger cornered Bahula - the cow who was very dear to Krishna. With her earnest plea to see and feed her calf for the last time she begged the tiger to spare her for one more day. Having her wish fulfilled, she went back as promised in order to give herself up as the tiger's meal.To her surprise, both her calf and her master arrived at the spot in order to sacrifice themselves to save her. Krishna, who was now a kid of about 7 years old, got moved by this unconditional display love for each other and came to their rescue taming the fuming hungry tiger. Vatsasura on the other hand, in pursuit of Krishna, reached Vrindavan and found him playing with his friends and their calves. The demon had the ability to take disguise and turned his monstrous image in the form of an evil calf. While Krishna and his friends were engaged having fun racing, Vatsasura appeared among them and created a panic. Not be let down, Krishna challenged the might of Vatsasura who proved to be a robust evil force confronting Krishna. A fuming Vatsasura soon realized that Krishna's skills and supremacy was far beyond as he succumbed to death.

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