Pokémon Sun and Moon English Dub Episodes

Ash Ketchum heads off to a new region, Alola, wearing a new set of clothes with his partner Pikachu. He receives a Z-Ring and becomes a student at the Pokémon School on Melemele Island.

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Episode 1: Alola to New Adventures!
Ash and Pikachu arrive in the Alola region with his mom to discover new Pokemon and new Alolan forms. Ash enrolls in Pokémon school to learn about them. The night before Ash's mother returns to Kanto, Tapu Koko appears and gives Ash a Z-Ring.

Episode 2: The Guardian's Challenge!
Having arrived at his new Pokémon school, Professor Kukui who is the teacher and its students host a surprise welcome party for Ash. Soon after, the guardian Pokémon, Tapu Koko, pays another visit to Ash to battle Pikachu. Tapu Koko teaches Ash how to use the Z-Ring. Ash and Pikachu manage to unleash the Z-Move, Gigavolt Havoc, but the Z crystal is soon shattered after Pikachu's immense release of power. In order to regain the power of Z-moves, Ash decides to go through the island trials.

Episode 3: Loading the Dex!
Professor Kukui gives Ash a "Rotom-Dex", which is an intelligent Pokédex that is capable of human speech and powered by a Rotom. Ash goes to find and catch his first Pokémon in Alola, but he instead encounters Team Rocket, who are aided by a wild and very scary Mimikyu that despises Pikachu. Before the battle can be decided, Team Rocket are carried off by a Bewear.

Episode 4: First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!
After Ash fails to capture a Grubbin, he encounters a Rowlet that lives in a Toucannon nest with a flock of Pikipeks and Trumbeaks. After Ash feeds the starving Rowlet, it returns the favor by helping him fight off Team Rocket. Afterwards, Rowlet chooses to go with Ash. Ash catches Rowlet as his first Pokémon in Alola, while Jessie uses James' Luxury Pokéball to capture Mimikyu (much to Team Rocket's shock).

Episode 5: Yo, Ho, Ho! Go, Popplio!
Ash helps Lana train her Popplio to blow a water balloon large enough to enable undersea travel for people and meets her two annoying younger twin sisters. During a school fishing trip, the class's Ride Pokémon are stolen by Team Rocket. Pikachu's Iron Tail frees all the Ride Pokémon. Popplio manages to blow a massive water balloon to save them from falling onto the rocks.

Episode 6: A Shocking Grocery Run!
Ash and Sophocles are separated from their Pokémon during a visit to the local shopping mall when Team Rocket accidentally activates the mall's security system. Pikachu, Rotom, and Togedemaru are trapped inside with Team Rocket.

Episode 7: That's Why Litten is a Scamp!
A stray Litten that Ash has encountered before continues to give him trouble. When he decides to catch it, he learns why it steals food from people. Later, Ash helps Litten deal with a mean Alolan Persian.

Episode 8: Lillie's Egg-xhilarating Challenge!
Ash's class is assigned to look after a newly discovered Pokémon egg. When the class deliberates who will bring the egg home for the night, Lillie agrees to take care of the egg in order to overcome her fear of handling Pokémon.

Episode 9: To Top a Totem
Ash meets Hala, the Kahuna of Melemele Island, who created his Z-Ring. As part of Ash's first Island Trial Challenge, Hala tasks him with finding a solution to an infestation of Rattata and Raticate without fighting them. Thanks to his friends' suggestion, Ash decides to recruit the local Yungoos and Gumshoos. However, Ash must defeat their leader, the Totem Pokémon Gumshoos, in battle in order to earn their cooperation, with Tapu Koko secretly observing.

The time has come for Ash to confront Hala, to win his first Island Grand Trial Challenge in Alola using the Z-Crystal he obtained from the Totem Gumshoos. After the battle, Tapu-Koko intervenes and gives Ash a new Electrium Z-crystal. 

Episode 11: Young Kiawe Had a Farm!
Ash and Pikachu visit Akala Island with Kiawe, where Kiawe's family runs a dairy farm. The Team Skull grunts interfere when Ash and Kiawe are on their way with a special delivery. 

Professor Kukui takes Ash and the other students to the beach for a special lesson. After encountering a bunch of Mareanie, the group splits up to find and observe Pokémon. Ash, Pikachu and Rotom-Dex are searching for Pokémon to observe when they run into Team Rocket, who are under pressure from their boss to catch new Pokémon in the Alola region. One Mareanie causes trouble for Ash and his Pokémon when it decides to help Team Rocket (and especially James). 

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