Power Rangers Mystic Force Episodes in Hindi

Ratings: 6.2/10
Genre: Action | Adventure | Fantasy
Release Date: TV Series (2006)
Running time: 22min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 720p HD

Synopsis: Years ago, The Mystics had cast a spell and sealed evil to the underworld. Today, when evil is about to emerge, 5 teens are sought out to become the Power Rangers. Together, they must save the world.

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Episode 20: Dark Wish III
When Toby is attacked by Hidiacs and Necrolai, Nick and the others rush in to help regardless of the fact they'll be almost certainly destroyed. Without their powers, they are easily defeated, but as Necrolai steps in to finish the Rangers off, the Tribunal reverses the wish after witnessing the Rangers' bravery, to Imperious' disbelief. The Rangers, with their powers back, quickly defeat the Hidiacs, but 50-Below and Fightoe are sent to earth again, and after being beaten badly, the Rangers realize they have taken their magic for granted. In the underworld, Jenji tricks Leelee into letting him go and he quickly teleports to Rootcore. When the Tribunal believes the Rangers have learned their lesson, they grant them new power: Legend Mode, turning the Rangers into the Legend Warriors. The Rangers defeat 50-Below and then proceed to use the Manticore Megazord to defeat Ursus, a mechanical being powered by Fightoe. In the end the Rangers celebrate the Rock-Porium's anniversary with a cake that, while not made with magic and not as nice looking as it could be, is very much appreciated by Toby.

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