My Giant Friend Episodes in Hindi

Ratings: 6.2/10
Original Title: Linus and Boom
Genre: Animation | Sci-Fi
Release Date: April 6, 2009
No. of Season: 1
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: Linus & Boom is an action-comedy character driven story where Linus a 12 year old boy passionate by astronomy and Boom a 2 meters tall red alien become best friends. To protect Boom from the SDC, Linus and his friends use a new technology that allows Boom to become a human for a limited period.

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Episode 9: Alias Decoye 
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Linus and Boom save Bonxami, a charismatic alien, claws of the SDC and quickly fall under his spell. But Boom is still wary of the newcomer.

Episode 11: Motus
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Linus, Boom and their friends gather an alien made amnesic by the crash. In order to send him home, they must find the black box of his ship.

Episode 41: Linus vs Boom New
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It is the election of class delegates. Linus wants to run against Cornell but he leaves his place to Boom, to avoid a possible humiliation.

Episode 44: Larva New
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Larva, a young romantic alien princess, arrives in college and asks Linus to marry her. Faced with the refusal of the latter, Larva is vexed.

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  1. I CAN'T OPEN IT, it is showing blocked....i use f-secure antivirus on pc,is it really harmful site?

    1. This site is not harmful. You are getting blocked messages because of ads, try to allow your antivirus to access the site. Click on the above episode which you want to download, then wait for 5 sec and click on skip ad.

    2. I have you can upload rest of the episodes too.I miss watching all these series.

    3. I hope you can upload rest of the episodes too.I miss this series


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