Wizards of Waverly Place Episodes in Hindi

Ratings: 6.8/10
Genre: Comedy | Family | Fantasy
Release Date: TV Series (2007-2012)
Creator: Todd J. Greenwald
Stars: Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin
Running time: 22min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: The Russo family own a restaurant and live in New York. However, the father is a wizard while the children are in training. The child who masters the powers shall be given the family wand.

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Episode 29: Wizards and Vampires vs. Zombies
Justin promises Juliet an unforgettable prom date. But when Alex organizes a zombie-themed anti-prom, Alex gives Max flyers to hand out and he accidentally sends the zombie prom flyers to the wizard world with a permission slip to test out a no fear ring, and real zombies arrive. Meanwhile, Harper and Zeke go to the prom together. At the prom Justin serenades Juliet and asks her to go steady with him. After that Max, Alex, Harper, Justin, Zeke, and Juliet get in a dance off with the zombies to get them to leave. In the end Justin and Juliet have a special moment together, slow dancing and kissing after Juliet agrees to go steady with Justin.

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