Franklin (TV Series) Episodes in Hindi

Ratings: 6.5/10
Genre: Animation | Family
First episode date: November 3, 1997
Networks: Nickelodeon, Treehouse TV, Nick Jr.
Running time: 23 min
Language: Hindi

Synopsis: The popular children's books, written by Paulette Bourgeois, come alive in this television series about a turtle named Franklin. Each episode has a story of Franklin and his friends. You'll meet his parents, Bear (his best friend), Goose, Beaver, Rabbit, Mr. Owl, Badger and Snail along with other animal friends. You will follow the adventures of Franklin as he learns about the world around him, and how to be an honest turtle with good character.

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Episode 27: Franklin and His Night Friend / Franklin and the Two Henrys
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In "Franklin and His Night Friend", Franklin meets a new neighbour, one he's never met before... Bat. Franklin found out Bat only comes out at night and stays up late so he can play with Bat and discovers a new lifestyle of his nocturnal friend.
In "Franklin and the Two Henrys", Bear looks after Beaver's pet hamster, Henry, for the weekend. However, Henry ends up getting lost and Bear & Franklin must find a way to find Henry before Beaver returns.

Episode 28: Frankin's Nature Hike / Franklin's Starring Role
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In "Franklin's Nature Hike", Franklin & his friends are on a trip... a Nature Hike. However, Franklin becomes over protective of his friend, Snail. He soon learns Snail is able to care for himself.
In "Franklin's Starring Role", Franklin is disappointed he did not get a part in the spring play. Even worse, he has to be the stage manager. He soon learns his role is just important as everyone else's.

Episode 29: Franklin's Masterpiece / Franklin and the Computer
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In "Franklin's Masterpiece", Franklin submits a painting for an art contest and wins. However, he was not the only one that contributed to the painting. His friends found out and Franklin must find a way to make it right.
In "Franklin and the Computer", Franklin gets too attached to Beaver's computer game. He had put all his interests aside including his friends. He soon learns there's more to life than a computer game.

Episode 30: Franklin the Trooper / Franklin's Fossil
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In "Franklin the Trooper", Franklin helps Mrs. Muskrat fix up her old boat except Franklin didn't really want to when there was so much work to be done. He soon learns how much Mrs. Muskrat appreciates his help and when he saw the final results, he felt much better being able to assist a friend.
In "Franklin's Fossil", Franklin and Bear found a fossil in his backyard and tries to set up a museum. However, they do not know anything about the fossil and decided to give it to Mr. Mole, who happens to know a lot about fossils.

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