Kong: The Animated Series Episodes in Hindi

Ratings: 6/10
Genre: Animation | Action | Adventure
Release Date: TV Series (2000)
First episode date: September 9, 2000
Final episode date: March 26, 2001
Networks: Teletoon, Broadcast syndication, BKN
Running time: 30min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p

Synopsis: When King Kong fell to his tragic death off the Empire State Building, there was a young scientist Dr. Lorna Jenkins who cloned him and took him back to Kong Island so he could finally be protected again from the world. Eighteen years later her grandson Jason and friend Tan bring their teacher to the island to show him the paradise and of course Kong. But their teacher Ramon De La Porta has other plans, he steals the island's Primal Stones which control the balance of the island and make sure the imprisoned god Chyros does not escape. So now to restore balance to the island Jason, Tan, a shaman girl named Lua and of course Kong must journey around the world to retrieve the stones and stop De La Porta once and for all.

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Episode 4: Dark Forces Rising [After 10:56 there is English audio]
The theft of the Primal Stones from Kong Island threatens to awaken the ancient demon Chiros. Lua journeys alone to Chiros' ruined temple in an attempt to imprison him. She is captured and brainwashed by Harpy, one of Chiros' servants. They journey to the Island's volcano and set the demon free. Jason, Kong, and Tann arrive and Chiros awakens the monster Ominous to stop them. Jason merges with Kong and confronts him. In the fight Kong's anger transforms him into the gigantic Mega-Kong. He easily defeats Ominous forcing Chiros to retreat.

Episode 13: The Sleeping City [Full Episode in Hindi]
Our heroes travel to Egypt to foil De La Porta's scheme to find the legendary Staff of Set, use it to activate a Primal Stone and resurrect Set, the ancient Egyptian God of Evil. Pursuing the Professor, Jason, Tann, Lua and Kong are forced to fight a giant Crocodile/Giggles Cyber-link created monster. They follow De La Porta to the lost city of Akur Vash, where the evil professor raises Set from his long sleep. Kong must battle the God of Evil to save the world. Merged with Jason and armed with the magical Flail of Osiris, he destroys Set.

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