The Harveytoons Show Hindi Episodes

First episode date: 1998
Genre: Animation
Runnig Time: 22 min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p

This show features Harvey Comics characters and series including: Casper the Friendly Ghost, Little Audrey, Tommy Tortoise and Moe Hare, Baby Huey, Herman and Katnip, Buzzy the Crow, and Modern Madcaps. The New Casper Cartoon Show and the Film Roman version of Richie Rich have also been featured on the final season of The Harveytoons Show. The show itself contained three full cartoons and one "ToonTake", an abbreviated cartoon.

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Episode 1 
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Casper the Friendly Ghost - Boo Moon
Little Audrey - Dizzy Dishes
Kozmo (prototype) - Out of This Whirl
Kartunes - Invention Convention

Episode 2
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Herman and Katnip - Mouse Trapeze
Casper the Friendly Ghost - Casper Comes to Clown
Noveltoon - Jolly the Clown
Baby Huey - Clown on the Farm

Episode 3 
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Baby Huey - Scout Fellow
Casper the Friendly Ghost - Boo Scout
Jeepers and Creepers - Scouting for Trouble
Herman and Katnip - Northwest Mousie

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